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  • About Us
    Arturo Torres was the first from the Torres Segoviano Family to come to the US in 1994, leaving his Parents and family, He embarked himself in a quest with a point of no return, with a dream set in his mind. It was during one of the toughest winters He remembers and the snow as the first huge obstacle he encountered, it represented a glimpse of so many unknown obstacles to conquer in order to succeed in a foreign land away from friends and family. They all had humble beginnings cleaning dishes in a Restaurant. Now the family remember all those struggles as a moving force to continue dreaming and striving for the best. 
  • After so many years as Waiters, Cooking and learning the essential aspects of the Restaurant Business they decided to open a Restaurant. Waynesboro, VA was the first one, followed with success, Fishersville,then Staunton and now Verona in February 2015. Their secret, work hard, a very united family and a great flavor and service that distinguish Mi Rancho as a place to enjoy Authentic Mexican Food and a family atmostphere.

Basic Info
  • Come and enjoy our extensive menu: Appetizers, Lunch, New Dishes, Chicken, Vegetarian's Delights, A la Carte, Fajitas, Combination Dinners, Steak, Specialties of the House, Side Orders, Seafood & Children's Menu

“Best Mexican Food around” 
A lot of menu items at a great price with nice portions. friendly staff and good service. Food is delicious, my family eats here often. The nacho's and taco salad are my favorite, my husband likes the more traditional menu items. I highly recommend this place.
 Katie B / Trip Advisor 
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